Nauda Bhakti

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Navdha Bhakti by Ad. Dr. Pranav Pandya - Chaitra Navratri Day 1 (23rd Mar, 2012)

1st day of novratriy -on this class dr sahab tells about bhakti, bhakti come from inner soul . bhakti means dedication. in this class discuss on bhakti of sabri navdh bhakti.

Navdha Bhakti by Ad. Dr. Pranav Pandya - Chaitra Navratri Day 2 (24th Mar, 2012)

shraddhye dr pranav pandaya chatra navratri class-shraddhye tells about navdha bhakti-1st bhakti of navdhbkti -company of saints(santo ka sang) .

Navdha Bhakti

The knowledge of Navdha Bhakti is given by Lord Rama to Shabri. Lord Rama told Shabri about nine type of bhagti. Place of Bhagti is at higher place than Gyan and Karmas. Bhagti is success only when...

Navdha Bhakti 01 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti - Lord Rama saying that there is no Bhagti more than the company of holly people. They are the light for everyone. They are the first step to reach the God.

Navdha Bhakti 02 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti 02 - In Second Navadha Bhagti Lord Rama telling that human have to discuss on my different sawroopa. God saying see me everywhre . I am not in one place. I am in evrything. There is no...

Navdha Bhakti 03 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti - Third type of Bhagti saying that We have to serve the Guru Pad Pankaj. We have to dedicate everything to Guru. We have to walk as commended by Guru.

Navdha Bhakti 04 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti - In the fourth Bhagti Lord Rama saying that worship me without any cheating. Everyone can worship me. There is no cast difference to worship me.

Navdha Bhakti 05 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti 05 - In the fifth Bahgti Lord Rama Saying to Shabri that Manter Japh with full faith is very beneficial for human.

Navdha Bhakti 06 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti 06 - Winner of five senses, good nature, concentrate on one work and good manner person. Lord Rama Describe these four thing in a person in Navdha Bhakti 06.

Navdha Bhakti 07 by Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti 07 - In this world you give more respect to saint then me Lord Rama Saying it to Shabri in Navadha Bhagti sutra 7. In Gita God saying the people who see me everywhere in every object , ...

Navdha Bhakti 08 By Dr. Sahib

Navdha Bhakti 08 - What you have you have to be happy. you have to be satisfried with your self.

Navdha Bhakti 09 by Dr. Sahib

Navadha Bhagti - Nine type of BHagti. It is Told by Lord Rama to Shabri. Everyone have to choose any one of Bhagti from Navdha Bhagti and apply this in the life. Navadha Bhagti 09 - Be Equal with ...
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