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amritvani by Guru ji on power of Gayatri mahima

Vitality of Indian culture is Gayatri Mantra. The only arm of guru ji is Gyatri mantra. No one can't explain Gayatri mantra. Three more things attach with Gayatri mantra- Upasana,Sadhana,Aradhana ...

Ashwamedh yagya in Sydney(Australia)-Part 2

To Spread "Vasudhev Kutumbkam".

Vandaniya Shail Jiji on Guru Poornima

Discourse of Jiji Gayatri is the mother of Indian culture and Yagya is father of Indian culture.

108 kundiya Yagya: South Africa

South Africa aik jhalak 3:08 : Message of Resp. Dr. Pranav Pandya ji about family management. 06:12 : Mahakal Aarti.

Janm Shatabadi mahotsav (deep yagya) 2011 part-1

Deep Yagya is the short process of kundiya yagya. In this yagya is performed in front of enlightened diyas with mantras.

Janm Shatabadi Mahotasav:(deep yagya) 2011 part-2

Deep Yagya: 00:01 - Gayatri Stavan(shubh jyoti ke punj....) 04:32 - Mahahamritunjay mantra. 06:13 - Mahapuranahuti. 06:50 - Shanti Paath.

About Ma Ajapa - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Symbols, Meanings And Benefits Of Ajapa. Ajpa form of Gayatri Sadhana. It is Swsnchalit pranayama. Mantra: Yam

About Ma Brahmi - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Brahmi Shakti Holds Ved Sign Of Knowledge. Ewer Is Sign Of Eligibility. Swan Symbolises Pure Ability.

About Ma Adyashakti - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Description Ma Adyashakti.Ma involves all gunas that is sat,raj,tam.She constructs and manages the whole universe.She is the sumbol of love and caring.

About Ma Vaishnavi - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Ma Vaishnavi symbolizes awareness,energy ,power and awakening. ma fulfills every one needs and manages all the activities of universe.

About Ma Shambhavi - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Shambhavi Ma Gives Power Of Welfare. Vehicle Of Shambhavi Is Dharmroop Rishabh. Trishul Is the Symbol To Remove Desire,Craving, ego.

About Vedmata gayatri - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Vedmata,Mother of knowledge,Symbol of Vedas and Vedmata Gives Memory And Knowledge.

About Ma Vishawmata - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Vishwamata Finishes The Feeling Of Selfishness From Everyone And Gives Result For Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.

About Ma Ritambhara - one of the 24 froms of Gayatri

An overview ma Ritambhara. Ritmbhara is the Goddess of awareness. Ritambhara ends all the illusion.

About Ma Mandakini - one of the 24 Forms of Gayatri

Ma Anusuiya Did Tap Near Chitrakoot To Bring Mandakini On Earth. Mandakini Provides Atonement Of Sins. An Overview Of Mandakini Mantra:om

About Siddhi - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Siddhi Provides Worldly success, Talent, Elation,Prosperity, Knowledge, Forcefulness, Cooperation.

About Ma Savitri - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Ma Savitri symbolizes the sya word of gayatri mantra.Beej mantra of this shakti is yanm .Appearance of ma savitri indicates panch kosh,panch parna,panch tatv ,10 dimensions and 10 indriya.

About Ma laxami - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

An overview of laxami ma. Sri Lakshmi is the goddess of efficiency. Accessories: Mr. Yntrn. Mantra: Srin.

About Ma Kundlini - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

An Overview Of Kundlini Ma. It is related to human been.The life power, Jeevniskti, energy, or Yugagni called. The vein is located at Mastishk spirit of the divine call and the second vein Rndra or M...

About Ma Mahakali - one of the 24 forms of Gayatri

Mahakal Ki Sehdharmi. Mahakali teaches We Should Not Waste Our Body And Mind In Laziness And In cautiousness. An Overview Of Signs And Symbols Of Mahakali. Stulmantra: kalika yantra: Beej mantra...
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