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International Yoga Festival: Day 1

1. 0:03:14 : Spiritual Discourse of Disciple of Resp. Shri Shri Ravisahnkar about Gayatri and its power and role of Gayatri Mantra in upliftment of life. ...

International Yoga Festival: Day 2

1.0:01:13 : Spiritual Discourse of Resp. Swami Chidanand ji Maharaj about Spirituality and its effect in elevating over all personality. 2. 0:08:32 :Spiritual Discourse of...

Sydney Ashwamedh Yagya

1. 0:2:25 : Kalash Yatra 2. 0:14:0 : Process of Yagya 3. 0:23:40 : Pragya Geet(Varan Aachar karne ko....) 4. 0:27:28 : Declination of Ashwmedh Yagya by Shradheya Jiji and Resp. Dr...

Chicago Youth Camp 2006

1. 0:0:15 : Interactive seminar on relationship management,relationship with god and with our family members and with society and with our life partner. 2. ...

Chicago Youth Camp 2006

1. 0:0:17 : Interactive session on leadership,Participant describe leadership in different manner and Dr. Pranav Pandya also describe Leadership and also give...

Vadodara Ashwamedh 1 of 2

vadodara ashwamedh yagya a documentary movie in the sukshm sanrakshan of guruji and mataji,vadodhara ,is a birth place of many freedom fighter.....etc

Vadodara Ashwamedh 2 of 2

vadodara ashwamedh yagya -in this discourses by mataji, diffrent sanskaar was going on this occasion....etc

Bhopal Aswamedh

bhopal aswamedh yagya on 4 April-In this yagya 00:02 dhyan, 3:42- yagya aahuti, 13:04- vivah sanskaar,and different discourses by mataji and other senior disciples...etc

Guna Aswamedh

guna aswamedh yagya-Purification of the mind and soul with physical efforts to discount the spiritual efforts guna Ashwamedha yagya on Dev sansikriti campaign Ashwamedha series

Virat Vibhuti Gyan Yagna Delhi 1 of 2

virat vibhuti gyan yagya on jawahar lal nehru stadium since 2 oct 2000 due to 12 varshiya mahaourushcharan purnahuti-> 1.1:14-pragya geet - a.maa itni kripa karde... b.raastra de...

Virat Vibhuti Gyan Yagna Delhi 2 of 2

virat vibhuti gyan yagya ,Delhi 2 of2- 1.00:16-discourses by ad. narendr mohn ji. 2.6:40-pragya geet-vishwaaso ke deep jalakar... 3.9:30-discourse by shailjiji.. 4.20:35-welcome of chief guest of ...

Dr. Pranav Pandya Gwalior Lecture 4 of 4

youth camp in gwalior-evocation by ad.dr pranav pandya on YOUTH youth means Be in the enthusiasm(jiske undar umang ho) Enthusiasm to work in the person of any age to be the person that she/he is youn...

Dr. Pranav Pandya Gwalior Lecture 2 of 4

evocation by Dr. pranav pandya in Gwalior youth camp on parivartan ke mahaan chad,today,s social problem ,tension,depression,stress due to lack of self confidence.....etc

Dr Ramprakash pande Yug Vashant Deepotsav 7feb2011 Shantikunj 4

evocation by Dr. ramprakash panday on deepyagya 7 feb 2011 on gurudev and his life,upasna,sadhna aardhna.....etc 19:10-evocation by vireshwar upadhyaay babuji

Dr. Pranav Pandya Yug Vasant Deepotsav 7 Feb 2011 Shantikunj 1

yug vasant deepotsav- 00:05 pragya geet -aadi kaal se kabhi na aaya... 8:50-evocation by ad. Dr pranav pandya on yg basant and gurudev....etc

Dr. Pranav Pandya 8 Feb 2011 Yug Vasant Parv Shantikunj

evocation by Dr.pranav pandya in yug vasant purv 8 feb 2012 on vasant,spirituality ,janm shatabdi purush parampujya gurudev and invocation of pragya parijan .

Ek Sham Guruvar Ke Naam Nadyog Sadhna (20 Feb 2011)

Ek sham guruvar ke naam ,bhajan sandhya-naadyog sadhna by playing different type musical instrument....

Open Discussion ;Pune Youth Camp,2007

Pune Youth Camp,2007 Participants of Youth Camp are sharing there views that what they have learned from this camp and what are there future plans .

Discourse-revered Dr.Pranav Pandya ;Pune Youth Camp, June 2007

Pune Youth Camp, June 2007 Discourse-revered Dr.Pranav Pandya -Saying of Gandhiji-There is enough for everyone's Need but not enough for everyone's Greed. -This...

Lecture- Shri Sharad Pardey; Pune Youth Camp ,June 2007

Pune Youth Camp ,June 2007 Lecture- Shri Sharad Pardey -We do Management to systematize the things. It includes- Planning Organiz...
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