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Jigyasa Video Magazine- Ad O.P. sharma 2 Of 2

Our Food That We Eat Makes Our Mind. Proper Diet Is Necessary For Our Body As Well As For Our Mind. Green Vegetables And Other Vegetarian Food Is Preferred As Best, And Non-Vegetarian Food Creates Ne...

Jigyasa Video Magazine- Ad Bhatnagar Ji 1 Of 2

Every Parent Wants Their Children To Top In Every Field In Their Life In That Case Students Have To Face A lot of Burden And Then Parents Start Comparing From Other Children Then Children Are Surround...

Jigyasa Video Magazine- Ad Bhatnagar Ji 2 Of 2

Will power is the way to achieve the goal very easily. Mind is magic box. Good use of our mind is the source of progress in life. For Success Concentration, Self confidence Is Important And The Incen...

Jigyasa Video Magazine - Asharan Sharan Ji- 1 Of 2

Family is the Lab To Develop The Personality of children. There are five rule given by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya that should be follow in every family. These Five Rule is called Panchsheel sidhant.- ...

Jigyasa Video Magazine- Asharan Sharan Ji 2 Of 2

When Children Learn Courtesy, Decency Well Mannered Behaviour They Express How Good Family They Belong To. Importance Of Orderliness In A Family. A Happy Person Likes To Be Natural And Likes To Be N...

Jigyasa on Problem of Today - Thought refinement is solution- Give Time for betterment of society By Ad Vireshwar Upadhyayji 1 Of ...

Todays human do not know that why he is? Why he is doing? What is his aim of life? Why he is collecting so many things? What is its meaning? where is his satisfaction? These are the question which sho...

Jigyasa By Pandit Chandrabhushan Mishra Ji 1 Of 2 - On Veda

Question answer with Resp Panding Chandrabhushan Mishra Ji on scriptures/vedas.

Jigyasa By Pandit Chandrabhushan Mishra Ji 2 Of 2

Detailed Discussion On Aarsh Granth - part 2

Jigyasa By Ad Brijmoham Gaud 2 Of 2

Rishi chintan is the root of mental stability- Part 2

Jigyasa By Pandit Chandrabhushan Mishra Ji

Death is not the end of life,it is nothing but entry in the another life.

Jigyasa: Yuvaon Ka margdarshan - Part 1

Kaise mile aik yuva ko sahi dishadhara - by kali Charan Babuji

Jigyasa: Yuvaon Ka Margdarshan - Part 2 Spritual Q & A with Kali Charan Sharmaji.

Spritual Q&A with Kali Charan Sharmaji. The problem with youth - Addiction , fashion, employments Gurudev says that the good things in this country if come down on the one roof then Yug Nirman is v...

Jigyasa: Vastushastra - Part 1

Science and knowledge of Vastushastra. Vastu is the part of jayotish.

Jigyasa: Vastushastra - Part 2

Science and knowledge of Vastushastra. Vastu is the part of jayotish.

Gayatri Aur Jap Part 1

Yug Nirman Yojna is to provide the human that track which is made for him to achieve his real goal. This yojna provide Yagya for the training of good work that is work without any desire and Gayatri ...

Gayatri Aur Jap Part 2

The jap of Gayatri Mantra invites the light of Parmatma to remove the ego which is in the self of human. Parmatma is not in a single place. Parmatma is everywhere in the universe and away from the uni...

Jigyasa - Video Magazine- 2 Of 2

Professor Vishwaprakash Tripathi Ji

Jigyasa - Video Magazine- 1 Of 2

Professor Vishwaprakash Tripathi Ji gives their views on addhyatmvad prajatantric samyabad. self confidence develop through Gayatri mantra. social development can be possible through the nari jagra...

Jigyasa - Video Magazine- O.P. Sharma Babuji

Discussion With Adarniya Dr. O.P. Sharma Babuji As He Says Is Vegetarian Food Good Or Non Vegetarian Good To Eat ?? According to Doctors Vegetarian Is Best Diet For Every Human Being. Non Vegetarian...
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