Yug Pravah

Yug Pravah is Video Magazine created by Shantikunj Studio - EMD Division. It publishes almost every month in incremental order. It mostly starts with Voice of Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya & Mata Bhagwari Devi, followed by current happening, recent events, memories, testimonials and Pragya Songs.

Total videos : 222

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 45

1.00:32- Amritvani of Mataji - gayatri parijano ka aawhan 2.6:23- News Of Activities Run By All world Gayatri Parivar-vice presidentof india bhairav shing sekhawat come in shantikunj,3ed youth camp ... - 702

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 45 Amritvani: Mataji

Vasant parv 1992 00:29-Pragya Geet-shat shat tumeh pranam 3:35-Discourse-vandaniye Mataji- yellow color symbolizes chetna whose all qualities are devote... - 551

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 44 -tribute ceremony of mataji and gurudev stamps released. .

1.1:9- Amritvani- Gurudev- Increase Your Eligibility,sadhana,tap etc. 2.19:36- Tribute Function Of Mataji- a.19:35- Pragya Geet Dedicated To Mataji-maa bhagwti parmeshwari.... b.22:41- ... - 704

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 43

1.00:31- Amritvani- Param Pujya Gurudev- Do As Much As Social Service You Are Able To Do. Don;t Be Greedy In Any Case. 2.6:46- News Representing Activities Of Shantikunj-celebration of teachers day i... - 703

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 42 -inauguration of noida chetna kendra.

1.00:31- Inauguration Of Noida Chetna Kendra In 2003. 2.3:31-lokarpan samaaroh of noida chetna kendra- a.8:14 Evocation By Dr. Pranav Pandya Ji On How We Can Change The Heart, As Delhi Is Kno... - 705

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 41

1.00:31 Amritvani- Guerudev- Power Of Feelings. 2.5:20- News Of The Activities In Noida Gaytri Chetna Kendra, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, And Ohter Activities In Foreign Countries. 3.14:53 memori... - 706

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 40 -Guru poornima 2003

1.1:16-Yagya mahima- Yagya Roop Prabho Hamare Bhav Ujjwal Kijiye. 2.6:23-GURU POORNIMA CELEBRATION(2003)- a.6:19-Gurudiksha b.7:51 Pujan c.11:24 Prgya geet-chod chalo yah reet purani. ... - 707

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 39

1.00:32- Amritvani- Gurudev- How To Increase Worthiness. Live Your Life For Spirituality Not For Materialism. 2.6:58- News Of Activities Run By All World Gayatri Parivar->Gayatri Shakti Peeth launche... - 708

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 38 -gayatri jyanti 2003

1.00:31- Pragya Geet-ab navyug ki gangotry se.... 2.6:51- Evocation By Dr. Pranav Pandya about gurupurnima . 3.15:34-GAYATRI JYANTI CELEBRATION(2003)-> a.15:54- Diksha Sanskar By Shail Jiji. b.1... - 709

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 37- tribute ceremony of gurudev etc

1.00:30- Amritvani- Gurudev- Give Priority To Guru. 2.7:08 -nNws -Activities Run By All World Gaytri Parivar. 3.18:29- Memoir By Guljarilal Goyal From Tulsipur, Gonda 4.26:13- Discussion Related To... - 710

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 36 -gayatri,culture and social problems .

1.00:49-Pagya song-dhanya hai jindgi ye hamari.. 2.8:26 Gayatri and gurudev's role in the descent back to Earth 3.19:32-Prgya puran katha -Culture of the spiritual knowledge, bathing in the Ganges.... - 711

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 35

1.0:33- Amritvani by Gurudev on thinking, Review Yourself, Know Your Mistakes And Repair Yourself First Then Care For Others 2.5:45- News- Ganga Safai Abhiyan, Vivah Sanskar, Evocation By Dr. Pranav ... - 712

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 34

1.1:09- Amritvani of P.P. Gurudev on Sadhna 2.10:45- Patiyala program on todays social problems,mental conflict ,stress,and other human life problems-> a.discourses of Dr. Pranav Pandya on this pro... - 713

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 33

1.00:30- Amritvani Gurudev Recognise The Powers Working Behind This Revolution In Changing The Universe 2.6:35- News Of Shantikunj And Its Activities like arrival of governor of u.k. in d.s.s.v.,diff... - 714

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 32

1.1:14-Amritvani of gurudev on different programs and movement of gurudev(misson) 2.Prageshwar Mahadev Sthapana- a.9:00-108 mahakundiya yagya b.37:38-Pranpratistha(stabilization) of mahakaal ... - 715

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 31

1.00:31 Amritvani - Mataji, Dedication And Devotion Is Needed For This Mission. 2-8:20-News-mahaakaal sobhayatra,mahayagya,stabilization lron hobard book in d.s.v.v.etc 3.20:31-Experience of gayatr... - 716

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 29

1.00:31 Amritvani- Param Pujya Gurudev. Karishye Vachnam Tav. Just Don't Listen To What Guru Says Just Do It, Make It Active. 2.8:00- News- Activities Runned By Shantikunj 3.22:38 -Memoir By Riksh... - 718

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 28

1.1:06- Evocation By Dr. Pranav Pandya On New Year Eve That Our Dedication Should Not Decrease, It Should Increase Day By Day, Scientific spirituality Is Applied On Every Single Entity. 2.1:35- Pragy... - 719

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 27

1.00:30- Amritvani By Param Pujya Gurudev. Nature Is Sore With Us. Service Is The Biggest Money. Donating Time Is More Precious Than Money. Honesty, Bravery, Intelligence Responsibility Is Important F... - 720

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 26

1.1:04- Explanation Of Scientific Spirituality By Dr. Pranav Pandya. Where there Is Religion There Is No Need Of Spirituality And Where There Is Spirituality There Is No Need Of Religion. When We Die ... - 721
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