Shantikunj - Yugtirth Dhyan- Meditation 1 of 3 (Antah Urja Jagaran Sadhana - By Gurudev) - Theen Sharir Ka Dhyan

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Dhyan In Voice Of Param Pujya Gurudev With All Instructions.
Meditation Is A Process To Realisation Of Self And A Process To Do Internal Cleaning And To Become Pure From Mind, Body And Soul.
This is also called 3 body meditation - Gloss, subtle and causal body or meditation of rising sun.


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Jagabandhu Pati
2017-09-23 10:19:45
Kindly mail to me the current & latest message from Gayatri Tritha, Santikunj, or send me the mail id. for more communication.
Bablu kr.
2017-07-04 05:45:55
Adhyatam aaj ki youth ke panacea hai

2017-06-17 22:00:04
Prabhat kumar
2016-11-04 12:10:02
Goog vary good
2013-11-26 06:20:45
ravi soni
2013-11-03 20:17:57
adhyatm ke bina manusya adhura hai...
2012-10-22 21:39:00
अध्यात्म आज के युग की आँखेँ है
sachin pandey
2012-06-23 10:37:29
It is too good ,through this way we can change ourself Plz tell me may i do this sadhana,ihave no exp of 9days shivir,but iwill join 9days shivir in 01 AUG TO 09 AUG 2012, I have got permission for 9days shivir