Dhyan Instructions by Dr Saheb at Munsyari, Himalayas - Meditation

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Dr. Saheb guides you through this dhyan from the Himalayan mountains. He starts by chanting Gayatri Mantra 5 times. It is amazing dhyan on the rising sun.


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Arun Srivastava
2017-11-13 12:42:07
Wonderful dhyan , enlightening every particle of physical, subtle, causal body.
Arun Srivastava
2017-11-13 12:41:18
Wonderful dhyan , enlightening every particle of physical, subtle, causal body.
2016-10-28 08:15:17
2013-11-29 12:50:57
Jai Gurudev,I was gifted with similar audio cassette of Pujya Gurudev -meditation!If you have added on any site please forward the link as well.Koti Koti Pranam

2013-08-11 18:30:52

2013-08-07 22:27:48
shri sharmaji
2013-05-18 08:42:30
if future videos could have english or other language subtitles it may be good to spread the word to peole like me who do not know hindi [nri]
geeta Dandapat
2013-04-23 13:29:35
This Dhyan is giving so relaxation, holy feeling, no thought, no sorrow. Only feel the golden sun rays is covered our body, mind and soul. Forget every thing while doing Dhyan.I am doing this two time (at morning and at evening)for my relaxation.
Navy Gautam
2012-07-13 22:36:55
Jai Gurudev,, I took diksha just year ago and was living meaning less life but with grace of guruji i experienced vibration between my eyes and on forehead. It was amazing and cannot describe this feeling in words.I feel something all the day on my forehead & now i am trying to focus and seek direction from guru ji to touch next level....I hope things will be fine...
2012-07-13 18:37:56
This dhyan is amazing. You feel so relaxed and full of light from the sun. You forget about everything while doing this dhyan. It takes you to the Himalayas while sitting in your room.