Narmada River- its importance and origin

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2:21-Narmada River- its importance and origin
does and donts to make river pure
39:21-Diwali Celebration at Shantikunj,2009 - Poojan
41:52-Discourse -revered Dr.Pranav Pandya -
-only deepak is attached with diwali not crackers neither gambling .
-Goddess Laxmi is prayed with God Ganesha this symbolizes that Laxmi comes only when it is used with vivek(intellect).
-as God Vishnu is the symbol of hard work ,so one who does labour happily get Laxmi .

57:48-Goovardhan Poojan
59:40-Message by revered Dr.Pranav Pandya on Cow and its importance

Yug Pravah Video Magazine 162
Diwali(2009) Celebration at Shantikunj- Poojan
Discourse -revered Dr.Pranav Pandya on what Diwali...
Govardhan Poojan
Message of revered Dr. Pranav Pandya on mother c...


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