Ashvin Navratri Day 2 ( 17 Oct.2012 )

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This video starts with a song called Gyan Vigyan Yog...
-Dr. Pandya simplifies some of the slokas from Gitaji's chapter 7 on the second day of Navaratri which is 2nd durga called Bhramcharini. Following are the key points from his amazing lecture which is explained with many examples.
-Spirituality is science with practice.
-Spirituality is the highest state of consciousness.
-Self-knowledge is possible by knowledge of spirituality.
True knowledge is written by Gurudev Pandit Sriram Sharma Achariya.
-Only few people make the effort to know God in essence and out of that only one or two knows God in essence.
-The three instruments that can measure how much you have changed are the body, senses and emotion.
-We need to clean our inside with shraddha(faith) nishta and pragya.
-Self-refinement is the most important thing for self-realization.
-Thoughts emotions and sanskara are connected.
-Cleans your inner being everyday.


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