Vireswarji Morning Dhyan Meditation

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This is a wonderful Morning Savita Dhyan meditation by Adarniya Vireshwarji during the camp in USA in 2007. He guides the audience in the deep meditation by giving step by step instructions. He also gives analogies where applicable so that it would be easy for the sadhaks to imagine and follow through on his instructions. In the end he concludes with Ohm chanting and asking everyone to imbibe some qualities of Savitadevta.
There is short pragya geet at the end of the session.


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2013-11-24 12:44:51
jaigurudev,sir i need email id of sh.vireswarji for sprituallity quaries if possible ,it,s ameging for me
shiv mishra
2013-08-01 16:04:13
upadhyay ji is a nice kathawachak.
Arvind Kumar Sharma
2013-05-03 19:40:57
Best Video, Thanks