Peak of consciousness Of Meditation(Chetna Ki Shikhar Per Le Jane Ka Dhyan)-23 Dec 2004

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Peak of consciousness Of Meditation------
Two activity in Meditation - Ascending And Descending
In Ascending - Ascend of sadhak's consciousness
And In Descending - Descend of Parmatma's consciousness (Bhagvat chetna)
A point where sadhak's consciousness and Parmatma's consciousness meet, that is called Peak of consciousness
Meditation is trip.
For Riding on Meditation, the way is necessary in the form of satsang, swadhyay,emotional and spiritual envirament and as determination of goal.
Progress of dhyan's journey is based on How deeply you realize dhyan.
Swadhyay and satsang are necessary for dhyan.
Swadhyay is thinking about your self
Sit with high thinking people and discuss about bhagwan leela and great people.
Process of Mix with your GOD is meditation.
Regularity is necessary for dhyan for remove your predestined.
Your body is the home of GOD.So clean your mind


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