Gayatri Chalisa ki Samuhik Sadhana- Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya- Lecture 1985

Viewed: 1968  
Gurudev says the following in this video:
-Run balsanskar shala
-Go house to house and spread my message
-Run jolapustakalaya
-Save 20 cents a day and buy small books and run it like a library
-This is Mahakal's wish and do as much as possible to spread the literature.
-Everyone should celebrate their birthday by inviting friends and family and have a small yagya and distribute the literature.
-Swadhyay and satsang is important to spread my message.
-Donate 1 year of time or 2 hours of time a day.
-Come for 1 month sibir and send few people on tirth yatra to Shantikunj.
-Two sankalp this year - In three years we need to create 1 lakh pracharak from the vidayalaya. Help us in this regards.
-Try to mold your family members to be the best human beings. ( parishramsheel, cooperative, polite speech)
-To refine environment do one mala of Gayatri Mantra.
-Mataji wants everyone to do distribute Gayatri Chalisa and do Gayatri chalisa path to refine the environment for one year.


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