Amritvani on Tremendous Changes are Going to Come In Every Field by Guru ji

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Revolution Will Take Place In Every Field.
Be leader of Revolution.
Discrimination Of Male And Female Will Finish.
Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya explains in this short video that changes are going to come throughout the world. He also said that the population is going to reach 1000 crore. He said that even though his physical body might not be here that long, he will work through his five subtle bodies to bring these positive changes. He also said that he will fulfill all his duties assigned to him. He said that we need a strong leader who could lead us to this new world. In new changed world there will be no discrimination of any sort. All these sadhus who fool people by changing their clothes will not be able to do so. There will be no discrimination based on caste, creed, sex, money. There will be equality in everything. There will be many saints living in mainstream lifestyle. Tremendous changes (Kranti) will come in all fields such as newspaper, literature, films, education, workers union, unemployment. Owners will not be able to keep the profit from factories. Teachers, parents and society will work together to teach young children to shape their characteristics. He also said that big cities will be divided into tiny counties. In the end he said that he is not saying these things to fool you but he can truly see this change through his own eyes(vision).


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