Guru Poornima Parva Sandesh (1992) - Lecture Vandaniya Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma


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Guru purnima is also known as Vyas purnima. Vyas muni wrote 18 Purana to spread the light of knowledge in whole world. -Gurudev has done even more than that to spread the light of true knowledge. Ishwar is that satta by which one can uplift oneself. Gurudev offered wealth, knowledge everything to his Gurudev. He fulfilled his duties as married person and stayed as yogi all his life. Nobody can write what he has written, and at the same time do all that he has done all his life. He did it with faith in his Guru. He gave love, inspiration, to all his parijan. He stayed firm on his resolves and always thought of others all the time. He gave credit to his guru. 12:00- Gurudev is ready to give his shakti but he needs to see who is worthy of it.Parijans should always stay true to their sankalps. Only Gurudev has the true shankti and no one will ever have that kind of shanki in future. -Do things on time you will be successful. Rise early, make everyone in family to do Gayatri Mantra, volunteer in the society. 29:56 - Song - yah karuna ki dhar sukhne mat dena... Mataji said that we have only one wealth which is love. It is that power which binds us together. Sadvichar, empathy, love, creates heaven on this planet. Walk on the path of Gurudev. Have faith that we will always try to help you but you have to help us by working together. Reduce ego and be polite and humble. Analyze your commitment to your Gurudev on this Guru Poornima.

Release date : 12-12-2006

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