Discussion On Gayatri By shri Kalicharan Sharma


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00:37- The Video Is About Manav Jivan Ki Garima(the glory of human life) 8:26- Dr,Pranv Pandya - Tells About New Initiatives And Creative Revolution Undertaken By Shantikunj. Introduction Of Shantikunj a Training Center Where Different Forms Of Classes For Upasna Sadhna Aradhna Are Taken Daily routine Of People Coming From Different Regions Of World. Basic Aim Of Shantikunj Is To Teach Art Of Living. 15:34-News: Gayatri Pariwar activities 25:38-Memoir Of Shriram Ji From Baliya U.P. 30:16-Discussion On Gayatri By Shri Kalicharan Sharma

Release date : 30-11--0001

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