Law of Karma- Yug Gita lecture by Dr Pranav Pandya (4 Sept, 2011)


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h. h. dr. pranav pandya  

Karmfal ka saidhant:-Every creature in this world works. A person's actions can not live without.Karma is a fact of life and the life that moves.Geeta-3/19 "Askti be sustained without duty to the God".Karma:- Karma Yoga is to do successfully. Geeta-3/5"Man can not live without the deeds of the period." Person is to act according to their nature jaise:- Sato guni-Karma is the best. Rjo guni-Funding to do work. Tamo guni-Work is wrong. What is Geeta ? According to teelak:-Scripture Gita is karma. According to Achary shankar;-Gita scripture knowledge. According to Nimbarkachary:-Devotion to the holy scriptures. And According to P.P.shee Ram Shrma achary:-Life is holy scripture. Science is eligible to work and life skills. Geeta 8/16 Karma Maya visiting from the device, its effectiveness is based on understanding the human Budhi. We should Karm without attachment.

Release date : 12-02-2007

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