Navratri Sadhana: Its Meaning and Importance By Senior Deciples


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1. 0:03:10 : Navratri Sadhana : Its Meaning and imprtance (i) Shri Suraj Prasad Shukla : - Process of anusthan of 24000 Gayatri Mantra Japa. - Importance of Chaitri and Shukla Paksh Navratri. - About Nav Durga and History of their Birth (ii) Adarniya Vireshvar Babuji : - Give Explanation of Weather Changing during Navratri in both Physical cosmos and Subtle cosmos. - Importance of fasting in Navratri. - Importance of gayatri mantra Japa in Navratri. (iii) Shri Asharan Sharan Shrivastav : - Give Explnation on word Meaning of Navratri - Give Explanation of Celebration of Navratri festival in different culture of India. - Give spiritual description of Nav Durga. - Give explanation about different hard fasting method of Navratri Sadhana 2. 0:35:16 : Pragya Geet(Jai ambe jai jagdambe.....)

Release date : 12-04-2005

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