Song:- Veer Bhumi is Chandeli ne johar dikhaya hai


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01:22 - Amritvani- Mataji Says About Home Is A First School For Their Kids And They Are The Future Of This Society. Home Environment Affects The Children More. 06:25 - Geeta Class By Dr. Pranav Pandya In Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalya, Where He Says That Geeta Develops Our Spiritual Level And Personality Develops Automatically, And Geeta Is A Book That Takes A Person To Peak Of Development Of Personality 48:00 - Guna Ashawmedh Yagya 48:15 - Song:- veer Bhumi is Chandeli ne johar dikhaya hai 53:31 - Arrival oj vandniya Mataji and Dhavaja arohan and song Yug shakti jag jaye har vayakti jag jaye 55:41 - Discourse of vandniya Mataji during Guna Ashawmedh Yagya. 01:00:41 - Vandaniya Mataji Discourse during Guna Ashawmedh Yagya

Release date : 12-01-2005

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