Gayatri ki shaktidhara Pranagni


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01:06 - This present time is that time in which no one can believe on anyone.Our nature also angry with us ,at a moment there is drought but at other there is a flood like situation Amritvani by Gurudev 06:39 - News Of All World Gayatri Parivar. 15:07 - Amazing Musical Memoir By Shri Gopal Mishra From Puri, Odisha. 22:39 - Why There Are Problems, Diseases, And Sorrow In A Person's Life, A Detailed Discussion With Solution Of Such Problems And What Is Life With Ad. Vireshwar Upadhyaye Babuji. 40:14 - Gayatri ki shaktidhara Pranagni

Release date : 12-01-2005

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