Discussion with Chandrsbhusad Mishra


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spiritual q&a  

1. 0:01:04 : Amrit vani of guruji on the importance of Human Life and on attaining the peak of excellence. 2. 0:06:22 : News: (i) 10 day Russia Trip of Dr. Pranav Pandya (ii) Yoga Camp Jaipur organised by student of D.S.V.V (iii) Fifth Annual Function of D.S.V.V (iv)National Seminar on Science and Spirituality in the Indian context. 3. 0:16:39 : Experience of Dolatbhai Desai about guruji. 4. 0:23:28 : Discussion with Chandrsbhusad Mishra about role of intelligence in getting success. 5. 0:37:16 : Pragya Geet(badla jaye dshrstikond yadi....)

Release date : 12-04-2005

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