Description of 24 ShaktiDhara of Gayatri


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01:37 - Amritvani- Gurudev, Mataji Says About Upasna, Sdhna, Aradhna, Dedication. 06:39 - News Of All World Gayatri Parivar- Rudrabhishek In Dev Sanskriti On Occasion Of Mahashivratri, Cycle Rally, 2nd Zonal Workshop In Shantikunj, Shail Jiji Says About Dedication Of A Particular Person Can Be More Than His Abilities By increasing His Resolution Powers. 108 Kundiya Yagya In New Jersy. "Can You Spread Me And my Thoughts In Each And Every Heart" Words Said By Param Pujya Gurudev. 108 Kundiya Yagya. 20:17 - Testimonial of different disciples of Gurudev 29:11 - Q&A on different concept with Diciples of Gurudev 46:12 - Description of 24 ShaktiDhara of Gayatri

Release date : 12-01-2005

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