What is Meditation - Q & A With Ad. Dr. A.K. Dutta Babuji.


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spiritual q&a  

1.00:32- Amritvani of Mataji - gayatri parijano ka aawhan 2.6:23- News Of Activities Run By All world Gayatri Parivar-vice presidentof india bhairav shing sekhawat come in shantikunj,3ed youth camp organized in jabalpur,health movement etc . 3.20:16- Memoir By Shri Kailash Kumar Lamba From Korba, M.P. 4.28:49- Detail Discussion And Q/A On Meditation With Ad. Dr. A.K. Dutta Babuji. What Is Meditation Actually. What Are Its Scientific Benefits Etc. Why Meditation Is Necessary? What Is The Purpose Of Meditation. 5.42:12-Documentary on gayatri shakti bramhi

Release date : 12-01-2005

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