Message of Vandaniya Mataji on Gayatri Jayanti


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1.0:01:04 : Message of Vandaniya Mataji on gayatri Jayanti She gave explanation about birth of ganga and Gayatri and role of Bhagirathi and Guruji.Also give brief explanation on upasana, sadhana.Aradhana and role of time management in development of life also describe the values of life and role of Self-recognition. 2. 0:20:41 :Message of Param Pujay Gurudev ,He gave explanation about his Guruji(dadaguru).Also explain highest level of Dedication towards Gurusatta.Gave description on time donation money donation and strength donation and about personality refinement. 3. 0:31:33 : Book Fair of Guruji literature. 4. 0:37:24 : Message of Dr. Pranav Pandya About power of Guruji's Literature also gave explanation on role of literature in development and refinement of personality and in development of teenagers and youth,role of literature in awakening of bright future.and energy of kranti dharmi literature.

Release date : 12-04-2005

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