Cultural Program- a Play on 'our culture'


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1:02-Pragya Geet- Shantikunj Gurukul Hai Pawan.. -> Gayatri Jayanti 2002 8:55 -Pujan 14:66-Discourse -revered ShailJiji- -those who do their duty selflessly ,Gayatri is fruit giving to them 21:06-Pragya Geet-Ganga jal behta uttar se 23:48-Discourse-Dr.Pranav Pandya- Guruuji and Gayatri are same Guruji used to say that 'my body is my literature'. -> 35:28-Cultural Program- a Play on 'OUR CULTURE' which is to unite and not to fight for any particular religion. 39:44-Folk Dances

Release date : 30-11--0001

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