Address to the Youths by Ad. Dr. Pranav Pandya (13th June, 2012)


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Address to the Youths by Ad. Dr. Pranav Pandya (13th June, 2012) Dr. Saheb is addressing the youths of the world from the special room of Gurudev. He mentions that he is so pleased that Gayatri Pariwar members are spreading positivity within the negative environment of current world. He is declaring that this century has to be of the youth. Older pariwar members and youths have to work together. He is outlining four main themes we all need to focus on right now. First thing he is asking everyone, is to plant new trees and smriti upavans throughout the world. Second thing he suggests we have to do is Micro Harvesting of Water since it is going to be of utmost importance in coming years. Third thing he says is to empower the villages and revitalize the old temples by cleaning them and planting trees. Fourth thing we have to do is to open Bal Sanskar Shalas to inculcate the moral values and true sanskars in our youths. He also suggests that youths need to take sankalp today about the following four issues. These issues being that we will not take or give dowry, nor being part of aborting the baby girls, we will work hard to join the new youth members to our mission and last but not least increase the memberships of the Akhand Jyoti to the maximum people.

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