Samaydaan Aur Anshdan Ka Avsar Aya Hai- Pragya Geet, Vasant Panchmi 2011(Birth Centenary year)


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Vasant Panchmi 2011(Birth Centenary year) 00:18-Shobha yatra based on our seven movements(Sapt Kranti) 4:30-Arrival of revered Shail jiji and revered Dr. Pranav Pandya and Pujan 12:57- Pragya Geet-O vasanti pawan,sandesha leye jana.. 24:56-Pragya Geet-Samaye daan aur anshdan ka avsar aya hai.. 34:14-Discourse-Revered Shail jiji- vasant parv - -is the day of Rejoicing,Enthusiasm -also the day of mother Saraawati-Goddess of Talent -and also the day when Prithvi Raj Chauhan gave his life for his Kingdom. Guruji's three Spiritual Guide- 1.The Great Himalyas 2.Mother Gayatri 3.His Guru - Guruji is the living example of the Gita 1:06:09-Pragya Geet-Riyu Basant kusmaker aya 1:17:45-Discourse- Dr. Pranav Pandya- -Spirituality is when we are actively working for betterment of all -You all have taken birth for some special purpose but if you remain engage in only worldly affairs this means your whole life is going to waste. -If we want that Guruji live forever ,than we have to live His Thoughts in our life. 1:55:06-Deep Yagya 2:13:51-Flag Hosting and Cultural Programs

Release date : 30-11--0001

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