Process of Yagya


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1. 0:0:09 : Explanation of Kalash Yatra By Resp. Dr. Pranav Pandya ji. 2. 0:06:48 : Kalash Yatra 3. 0:10:44 : Process of Yagya 4. 0:24:84 : Pragya Geet (Varan Aachar krne ko......) 5. 0:39:33 : Spiritual Discourse of Resp.Dr.Pranav Pandya ji about Guru Diksha and its importance in elevation of humans life women's power and her importance in society. 6.0:52:38 : Guru Diksha given by Resp.Shail Jiji 7.1:1:38 : Spiritual Discourse of Resp. Shail Jiji about Param Pujay Guruji and Param Vandaniya Mata ji and about their emense love and care and their dedication towards Mission.And also describe power and love of Women.

Release date : 12-06-2005

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