Pragya Geet


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1. 0:02:27 : Pragya Geet (Guru bin gyan nai he re....) 2. 0:08:27 : Message of Resp.Dr.Pranav Pandya ji on Janm Shatabdi Mahotsav and the activities of all World Gayatri Parivar and also gave details of upcoming events organised by Shantikunj,Haridwar. 3. 1:25:16 : Pragya Geet 4. 1:42:12 : Message of Brij Mohan Gaud ji abot aim of Guruji and Gayatri Parivar and also explain the duties to each and every member of Gayatri Parivar assigned by Param Pujay Guruji. 5. 2:26:30 : Message of Shri Ram Kumar About establishment of DIYA programme in Hyderbad. 6. 2:28:22 : Message of Resp. Dr.Pranav Pandya ji about aim of DIYA program and about power of youth and role of youth in society.

Release date : 12-06-2005

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