Meditation-Instructions and Discourse:revered Dr. Pranav Pandya ;Patna Zonal Workshop,Feb 2008


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Patna Zonal Workshop,Feb 2008 revered Dr. Pranav Pandya ->Meditation on Rising Sun-Instructions given by revered Dr.Pranav Pandya ->13:33-Lecture on Meditation and its Types -Dhyan is washing Mind Daily. -It takes one to Inner World. -Types of Dhyan- 1.On Instructions 2.On Rising Sun 3.On Deepak(lamp) 4.On Himalaya 5.Atam Devta ki Sadhana,that is realizing that I am soham ,shivoham...means the part of Almighty so have all Powers. 6.Om(between two eyebrows) 7.Sakshi bhav ka dhyan(Viewing the deep breath-in and out 8.Naad Yoga Dhyan 9.on Deity-Shivji, Gayatri maa,Guruji,etc 10.Meditate on going shantikunj and doing Pranam there to Guruji and Mataji.

Release date : 30-11--0001

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