Chaitra Navratri Day-8 on Agastya Rishi by Dr.Pranav Pandya in DSVV,Haridwar (April 18,2013 )


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navratri sadhana  h. h. dr. pranav pandya  

Augustya Rishi was form of Mahakal. Dr Sahab also talks about Devi MahaGauri and Sidhidatri (day 8 and 9 of Navratri). Bhagwan Ram reached to Agastya rishis ashram with the help of Suteekshna rishi. Augustya rishi was on the extreme in knowledge, wisdom and did many reserach in subtle world along with prepared many deadly archery weapons which helped Ram during the war with Ravan. He is Vishwamitra are called the controller of the subtle world that time. He has also contributed majorly on Rigveda and he lived longer - from rigved yug till Treta Yug. Dr. Sahab also explained in the details with short stories.

Release date : 18-04-2013

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