Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha Seminar on Scientific Spirituality and sharing experience with Gurudev by Dr. Chinamya Pandya ( Haridwar, May 29 2013


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Dr. Chinmay Ji Sharing his experience with Gurudev. He was requested to talk about Gurudev and scientific aspect of spirituality. While Sharing his own experience - in 1985 he studied in the Gayatri Vidya Peeth which start with 4 students. Today reaching to such a highest of modern life is attrubuted to blessing of Param Purjya Gurudev. Gurudev prove sprirituality as science by putting his own life as experment. Sharing many experience with other Parijan & the love and affection given by him to every member of this mission.( Haridwar, May 29 2013 )

Release date : 29-05-2013

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