Meditation Class with Shraddheya Dr. Pranav Pandya : Guided Meditation for all 23rd January 2014


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Shreddhya Dr.Pranav Pandya conducting Meditation class in D.S.V.V. |give the solution about Emotions and emotional in-balance problems,emotions is distributed so generate a psychosomatic disease. Mirth is a achievement of sadhana(Ishwar Ka Sath).Today natural happiness is Disappear. Happiness is a base of life.happiest people( Jiska Man Shant ho)is doing the meditation easily.thoughts distribution is a region of all psychosomatic problems.Listen your heart voice. give the instruction of Meditation by The Dr.Shab and students followed them.just feel it u lived in power house of energy(guruji mataji house).Today Meditation-("Hradhya Chakra me kamal ka dhyan").

Release date : 24-01-2014

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