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News-Nirmal Ganga Abhiyaan.Ganga Cleaning Project Take by the Shantikunj. One importent resource of water."water is our life without water you do not live it".Ganaga is a holy river and scientist is a prove it gangajal is a very pure water and never impure you store many years.but todays ganga is a top 10 polluted river, responsible it peoples and not aware of future. Dr. Pranav Pandya gave a message to all over the world:- save ganga.Start a "Ganga action plane" but result is nothing.Primeminister of Gujraat Narendra Modi Ji gave a Message.Ad Vireshwar Upadhya Babhuji Message about nirmal ganga abhiyaan.(मनुष्य की न समझी का परिणाम)......

Release date : 01-02-2014

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