Special Message by Shraddhey Dr. Pranav Pandya for New Jersey USA | 09 Feb. 2014


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h. h. dr. pranav pandya  

Special Message By the Shraddhey Dr.Pranav Pandya For New Jersey.Dr.Shab Gave a Message("this year is a Samuha Sadhana Varsh") so to do the collective Prayer collective Meditation or Group Prayer for Peace of all over the world.Because this time subtle world survive a very critical situation.group of mind is very strong so same time doing the prayer(give five mints any place your office your home or anywhere chant the gayatri mantra and two mint silence then start your work). generate a positive vibrations and purifies the subtle world.grow your spiritual life and grow your professional life. your time is so precious but your time is utilized a very important work and benevolence work.

Release date : 13-02-2014

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