Yug Geeta Special Message by Shraddhey Dr. Pranav Pandya | DSVV 13th February 2014


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Shraddhey Dr.Pranav Pandya Address at DSVV in Geeta Class. starting a lecture a Pragya geet-("युग युग तक जग याद करे ऐसे कर्म करो")delivered a wonderful lecture about geeta- Qualities Virtues and Ideals if you are refine your self every mint every day so gods love. and called yogi.your subconscious mind has clean everyday.waves are generated just like a pond to you see outer world.17/16 geeta shlok(Man Related Tap).our scents every time remember god so always stable.our mind every time fluctuate because we are see a outer world.Watch your thoughts see yourself.

Release date : 14-02-2014

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