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Amaritvani by Gurudev on Guru Purnima about gurukripa -Gurudev said that,my life is also, like you but my life has one characteristic that is different, the grace of my master(guru).... -After I pass away you will realize what I have accomplished, and who I was. People do not know the importance of the people when they are alive. -If you have the blessing, support, of Guru you can accomplish so much.(1008 kund yagya, writing more than 3,000 books, translating scriptures, establishing Gayatri tapobhoomee, Gayatri nagar, Shantikunj, Brahmvarchasya, 24,000 skakti peeth,Spreading importance of Gayatri Mantra througout the world. etc ) Where did all this money come from - It came from my Guru -Guru is my God. I am hoping you will walk on my path by your firm shradha, nistha, pragya on your Guru. -God and Guru are willing to give, but you have to have paatrata. -Jap, puja,karmkand have their own place but you have to increase your paatrata. -Lobh, moha,ego are your enemies. Fight with them like me. I gave myself to my Guru. I have surrendered to my Guru by doing what he asked me to do. -With my five bodies I have to shape the whole world. -I am giving you example of my life so you might get inspired and walk on my path. Sow and reap. Pragya mission is the mission of God so give your thoughts, emotions, money, time, talent and I promise that you will achieve what I have achieved in my life.

Release date : 30-11--0001

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