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An OFFICIAL app of All World Gayatri Pariwar. AWGP Gayatri Darshan is an app that provides features and functionality to connect all 100M users of Gayatri Pariwar. Using this app, you can 1 Get daily massages from Shantikunj 2 Subscribe to various channels like Knowledge of Vedas, Geeta Gyan etc. 3 Connect to local chapters, shakti peet, chetana kendras etc. 4 Share feeds to external users. 5 Inviting users to channels 6 Make donations to Shantikunj and various social activities 7 Live Darshan 8 Watch all Shantikunj videos. 9 E-books reading online 10 Get Spiritual wisdom, subscribe to shivir etc. 11 Submit your Dil ki baat to Gurus lotus feet.

Release date : 07-04-2016

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