Surbhit Smritiyan - R.B Singh, Jhansi U.P


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Yug Pravah video magazin 345,contains : 1. Amritvani of Gurudev on Thought Revolution. 2. Jagriti k Agnikan - News on Youth Conference Orissa, Wrestling Competition at DSVV,Youth Revolution Conference Sonipat Haryana). 3. Aromatic Memories of/with Gurudev shared by peoples in Surbhit Smritiyan - R.B Singh, Jhansi U.P 4. Parivartan - A Short Film which gives moral that how Sanskar works. Difference between Indian Culture and Western Culture. 5. Pragya Geet - Navyug ne tumhe pukaara Navyovan ko lalkaara

Release date : 06-12-2017

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