Baal Sanskar Ki Pratham Paatshala (1984) - Lecture Vandaniya Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma


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Please listen to this video if you are a parent. Mataji mentions that children are like clay. Parents can mold them any way they want. She mentions that kids are the future of any country and parents play a very crucial role in their personality development. She requests all the parents to make their children industrious, truthful, independent, honest, goal oriented and self-confident. She also emphasizes the importance of good sanskars. Next, she encourages parents to teach their children the value of giving back to society and repaying our dept. She says that the way children act and behave is dependent on what they have learned in their house from their parents. She mentions that children should do pranam to elders every day and sit near God. Parents should increase their kids’ self-confidence as they have potential to become Vivekananda and Gandhiji. Last but least, she mentions that it is our job to nourish our children so they can turn into a luscious tree under whose shade many people can find rest.

Release date : 12-03-2006

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