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Positivity a Door to Progress Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya This world is very bad. Very mean, it is. It is good too, a form of BHAGWAN also. This I do not say that it is not a form of BHAGWAN. Are in him any less ills and drawbacks? This world is full of wicked & dishonest each more than other. Then what to do! Malice for others! Even on doing malice you will suffer. Jealousy! Even then you will envy. Revenge! You will suffer even for that. From this you will harm yourself more than that will be done by you for others. some other person is inflicting loss on you is loss number one and loss number two is that you again invite new diseases of malice, jealousy, revenge and hate. How will you live with all these things, just tell me? You will be ruined from outside as also from inside leading you to live in death-like situations, is not it? Please, do not do this.

Release date : 30-08-2019

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