Yug Pravah Video Magazine 126 (Nari Jagran Shivir,Shantikunj)


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1. 0:01:43 : Pragya Geet(Nai sawym ko abla samjho.....) 2. 0:04:55 : Message of Resp. Shail Jiji, First she describes the immense love and care given by vandnaiya mata ji to her children and the description about real aspect women's power, about bad result of dowry system on society and also on women. Describing the root of This Nari Jagran Abhiyan. Also describe the process of establishment of First Mahila Mandal of Shantikunj established under the guidance of Param Vandaniya Mata ji. 2. 0:24:17 : Pragya Geet(shakti sadhana bina na banta....) 3. 0:27:54 : Message of Dr. Pranav Pandya , He describe the role of immense love of vandaniya mata ji in the establishment of Gayatri Family.Also describe the Role of Women in development of society. He gave explanation of five things on which this moment of Nari Jagran should be developed that are Security of Women,education of women,employment of women,health of women,Virtues of women.

Release date : 12-04-2005

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