Mahakaal ki Pukar Pahechanne- Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya 1986


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p. p. gurudev  

Gurudev mentions the following in this lecture: 1:00- I am telling you something that is to your advantage. If you are farsighted you will see that you are great souls with good sanskars from previous birth whom I have collected with great difficulty. 11:00- Listen to my advice if you want to become great. Realize that you are someone who has been born to do amazing things on this planet and not just to do an ordinary job. 15:00- I have to wake you up to realize your true nature. If you do not change you will miss this opportunity that will never come again. If we work together we can create bright future for 5 billion people. This is the only opportunity where you can use your shakti and be part of changing the future of this world. 22:00- I need your time donation. Please take out one year from your life. Do not count me as an ordinary person. Trust me. I have done many extraordinary things in my life so I am a very responsible person who is telling you somethings for your own good. 30:00-I have taken sankalp to open Vishvavidyalaya and educate 1 lakh students who can spread true knowledge and shake up the world. This sankalp comes from my divya satta. 35:00-The other sanklaps I have taken that I need you to be part of are : 24 lakh trees need to be planted, write sadvyakya on the walls, and fix the temples that are in distrace.

Release date : 12-05-2007

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