Jhola Pustaakalay-Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya- Lecture 1985


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p. p. gurudev  

Gurudev mentions the following in this video: -Sow(invest) your time, money, hard work in the field of society. You will get many fold in return.You need reason to connect with new people. Exchange thoughts and find out if they are in trouble.Teerth vatra is important to give true knowledge. Give my literature to everyone.Go from house to house and run Gyan rath, jola pustakalaya to spread knowledge. -My prerna comes from my Guru. I have found the solutions to the problems of today. My pran is in my writing. Run a library or sell it at minimum price. Read to people who can't read. Gyan rath is so amazing. It cost 2,000 Rs. You can easily spare that kind of money.Take 2 hours each day to spread my message.Sahitya's influence is very crucial and long term. Go yourself to spread the knowledge from house to house. My literature has my soul, experience, thinking and personality in it. I have applied everything in my life and than I have written about it. My literature will influence definitely. You become my mike, video and spread my message, wishes. Give this literature to your children. I want to change the world through my literature. Do something for me and I will do it for you.Save 10 cents a day and i fist of grain to give to others. Society and the world needs knowledge.Do my work and that is all.

Release date : 12-02-2008

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