Humari Karya Yojna Aur Parijano ke Dayitva- Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya lecture 1985


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p. p. gurudev  

Gurudev mentions thee following in this video: -If you ever think about all the work I have done you will be amazed. With the cooperation of all of you we have created this parivar and help the society. -This is very crucial time and we need to drop everything and join the yug parivartan yojana. If the population increased at the present rate mother earth will ahve no room and food for everyone. There is poison in the air and dirt. We have to solve all these problems. You have responsibility towards the society. You have to save 20 cents a day to buy good literature and new thoughts. Give two hours to spread the literature in your town. Join family members with us and come here to do sanskars like birthday, wedding, mundan. You can also come here or send lively people for a month for training. Ined 1 lakh people who can teach others. Mataji wants us to do 1 gayatri chalisa path every day. Yug shilpi needs to be created at your place.Open vidyalaya in your town.

Release date : 12-02-2008

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