Gayatri Jayanti Parva- Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya- Lecture 1985


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Gurudev explains that Gayatri Mantra is the most important, powerful,magical mantra that turns human being into Devta. He says his whole life was spend in this quest as requested by his Gurudev. After that he informs of all the changes that are going to come in the world. Last but not least, he mentions that all of us are part and parcel of his body and he wants us to fulfill 5 of his wishes. These wishes are as follows:1. Attending shibirs in Shantikunj, 2. To run Vichar Kranti Abhiyan in your area.3. Celebrate every family members birthday with Yagya, 4. Plant trees (Ashok, Tulsiji), 5. Save and donate time, money, equipment in spreading Gurudev's messages.

Release date : 22-06-2010

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