Apano se Apani Baat- Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya-Lecture 1985


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p. p. gurudev  

dev mentions the following in this video: -I want you to think of the the day you gave up everything like money, job, house, for the welfare of the society and joined me. -I am so grateful for your commitment and your sacrifice. -Do you still have the same dedication, empathy, compassion, simple living and high thinking ideology, love for the higher principles like before or not. -Stay firm on your resolves and principles. -Do not increase the number of your children and responsibilities. -You have to fight against lokeshana, putreshna , uteshana, becoming a leader. You will be destroyed and you will destroy your organisation because of your need to feel important. -Live humble life without ego otherwise you will fall.

Release date : 30-11--0001

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