Sukshmikaran Sadhna- Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya- Lecture 1984


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p. p. gurudev  

Guruji explations about his Sukshmikaran Sadhna. He says the following in his lecture: -I have to conserve my energy so I can help the world with more vigour. -Being near is not always better like lice, mice etc. -Sun, moon, ocean is far away but they still help you. -For sadhna I have to go far. -I have to stay alone and quiet for this sadhna. -To create the atmoshphere of freedom many saints have done sadhna like Maharishi Raman, Arbindo -I am doing this sadhna to get rid of all the problems in the present times. -I have to create shakti. I have to fight against problems, and we have to create better world. I need actors, musician, intellect people, rich people and the people who has empathy to change this world. -I will still guide you, uplift you and help you.

Release date : 30-11--0001

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