Boya Kata - Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya- Lecture 1984


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p. p. gurudev  

Gurudev mentions the following in the lecture: Sow and you will reap - What ever you have sow in the field of the God. Give intellect, body, emotions, empathy, money for the welfare of the entire world. Riddhi and siddhi will be yours. From sunset to sunrise I have prayed and during the day I have worked for the society. I have tried to solve the problems of the society (God) I have tried to uplift the society by sharing their pain and giving whatever I had. In return I have received great health, intellect,mind power, sympathy and love of everyone, money. Society is God.Aradhana is important. Riddhi I received- self satisfaction, brave, respect, cooperation. Whatever is mine is yours God I offered and in return said the same thing.

Release date : 12-12-2007

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