Mataji on social initiatives Part-5


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vandaniya mata ji  short video  

Mataji starts this lecture by saying that be a Diamond as we are Son Of Gurudev and Mataji. She says that it is our duty to uplift you and take you across the river of of life. With tears in her eyes she mentions how we are her baby calfs and they will do anything possible to uplift us. In this discourse Mataji talks about how Gurrdev Pandit ShriRam Sharma Acharyaji brought the Gyan Ki Ganga (River of Knowledge) just like Bhagirath brought River Ganga to earth. Mataji further explains how because of total samarpan and heartfelt plea Maa Gayatri blessed Gurudev. She said that you need to do the same to Gurudev. She also disclosed that they have been together for many births and will continue to be together for many more births till everyone gets salvation on the earth. She added that we have not wasted any moment of this precious life and she expects everyone to follow their example and make a difference in the society through courage, and self confidence. Gurudev works tirelessly with compassion for uplifting the human society and that is what we should be doing.

Release date : 04-07-2012

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