News (Bhoomi Pujan of Gayatri Chetna Center(New Jersy) ,National Youth Camp ,Homa Terapy Moment,D.S.V.V)


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1. 0:01:30 : Amrit Vani :Guruji Talks about role of karma in life and bad impact of increased Population 2. 0:08:29 : News (i)Bhoomi Pujan of Gayatri Chetna Center,New Jersy (ii)National Youth Camp (iii)Homa Terapy Moment,D.S.V.V (iv)Second World Conference,New Delhi 3. 0:26:47 : Experience of Shri Jawla Prasad about Guruji 4. 0:31:47 : Discussion with K.K.Vinod on Balsaskar Shala 5. 0:48:09 : Pragya Geet(Aise Kripa Karo Jagjanani......)

Release date : 12-04-2005

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